Dream Analysis
An Overview by Swade

We all have access to the greatest psychic resource for learning and understanding about our lives available: our dreams!

From the beginning, humankind's dreams have played a key role in the revelation, inspiration, problem solving and comprehending of our existence.

Dreams are your SuperConscious, Higher Self, Guardian Angel, Spirit Guides, your direct link with God, Goddess, All That Is ... whatever you choose to call that little voice that speaks up during critical times in your mind and heart.

Here we find guidance and answers to our questions about life, love and purpose. Don't worry! Your Higher Self would never do anything to harm you ... challenge you, yes, but never harm!

Our SuperConscious uses symbols in our dreams so we cannot misunderstand the message. Once you understand the symbols your SuperConscious uses, the meanings cannot be mistaken.

Many of the symbol meanings are universal: water symbolizes emotions or emotional occurances; fire is the spiritual life force within each of us. But only you can make the final determination of what meaning a dream symbol holds for you.

Some of the symbols revealed in your dreams may not be included in my list. If you find a symbol revealed that you do not understand, meditate on the symbol and your dream. Your SuperConsciousness will verify or clarify the meaning either through your meditation or in another dream.

Also, you may find certain symbols hold meanings for you different than those listed. An apple may mean "health, knowledge, wisdom" to most, but, if you own an apple orchard, it may represent "success and material security" to you! BEGINNING YOUR DREAM WORK   If you are just beginning your dream work, you may find it difficult to remember all, or any, of your dreams. Working with your dreams regularly over a period of time will increase your dream recall.

Remember, eating shortly before bedtime, pharmaceuticals, alcohol or distractions such as a radio or television will alter your dream-state and false symbols may be received.

I suggest you start by just trying to recall one element of your dream. Awake naturally, if you can, without the assistance of an alarm clock. The weekend or a holiday is a good time to begin.

As you begin to rouse yourself from your sleep state, lie still a moment and try to recall your dream, or dreams. (We all have multiple dreams each night!)

As you remember an element, write it into your journal. You may find this one symbol or activity you remember will stir your recall of other portions of the dream. Be sure to record mood(s), or emotion(s) experienced in the dream.

Then, after you have recorded as many activities, symbols and feelings from the dream you can remember, you can find their meanings in my list. (This is a selected list and is not offered as a complete symbol dictionary.

After you have recorded as many symbols, activities and feelings you remember, write a narrative of your dream. Include the symbol interpretations.

Remember, the feelings or moods of your dreams should be interpreted as they are. If you feel happy in your dream, then the understanding you gain from the dream symbology will enhance your happiness.

After working with your dreams on a regular basis you will be able to recall most, or all of your dreams. You will find they often give answers to dilemmas in your life and confirmations of decisions that will further you along the path of enlightenment and fulfillment.

Meditating on a situation for a short period of time prior to going to sleep and asking your SuperConscious for a dream will often help you program for an answer dream. Programming your dreams can give you constant insight.


For more information on dream work and dream symbols, refer to these fine works:

  • The Dream Book: Symbols for Self Understanding, Betty Behards, Inner Light Foundation
  • Understand Your Dreams, Alice Anne Parker, H. J. Kramer, Inc.

At a fair or carnival. Walking along crowded midway. I am carrying a "Barbie" doll loosly in my hand. I walk to a field where a small biplane is parked. Get into the plane and take off. Feel elated as I guide the plane into the air. Begin to do aerial loops. While the plane is upsidedown, the "Barbie" doll falls out of the cockpit window. Plane stalls and starts to dive. I am terrified, but am able to pull the plane out of the stall. I regain control and safely land the plane in a beautiful meadow.

And here are the symbols from my dream:

CARNIVAL Childlike joy
CROWDED MIDWAY Too much going on;too many alternatives
BARBIE DOLL Playing role, repressing self
LARGE FIELD Potential for growth, spiritual activity
AIRPLANE Spiritual awakening
TAKE OFF Beginnings of spiritual learning
CLIMBING Gaining awareness
LOOPS Overconfidence
DOLL FALLS Discarding roleplaying, self repression
STALLS Sabotaging goals
DIVE Going wrong way
REGAIN CONTROL Getting back on track
LAND IN MEADOW New level of awareness

So, you can see, after we interpret the symbols, we find this dream gives a confirmation that even though I was having fun (Carnival), there were too many self or ego distractions, too much going on (Crowded Midway).

I wanted to stop repressing my inner self and playing roles (Barbie Doll) and get on with my spiritual development (Getting into the Plane).

But, I am warned of becoming too confident in my journey (Loops) and sabotaging my goals (Dive) with "stunts".

I have the power to right my course (Regain Control) and achieve new levels of awareness (Land in a Beautiful Meadow).


Other people in your dream are usually representative of parts of yourself. If you dream of someone you know, it most times reflects attitudes, attributes or characteristics of that person that you have yourself. Buildings and structures are the self. Notice the condition and size of the building. If the structure is large, you are capable of great potential. If cluttered or rundown, you need to get organized or "fixup" your attitude. Any vehicle represents you on your life journey. Aerial is spiritual; water craft is emotional; Automobiles are you in everyday life.

Good Luck And Sweet Dreams!
My Dream Symbols List