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There's plenty of other stuff on the Net for boyz.
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Why my site is women-only I instituted the women-only for two very good reasons.

Number one, show yourself:  do a search on any major search engine for the words "lesbian erotica" and you will find the internet is saturated with crap for boyz.  (Very different from a true Lesbian Erotica site because lesbians aren't typically interested in the same types of stimulations that boyz are.)   Quite frankly, I imagine our erotica would bore most boyz:  We're not totally sexual creatures just waiting for some man to save us; our erotica encompasses the entire being instead of just our genitalia.

The second reason is I just got way tired of all the trashy email I received from boyz after they had read my erotica. It's my erotica.  I wrote it for lesbians.  If I choose to reserve it just for women, that is my perogative.  Why not go buy a copy of Penthouse and be happy with the male version of what lesbians are:  one dimensional vaginas and breasts that eventually are rescued from their lesbianism by some penis!  Sheesh!
I'm not alone in how I feel!  This is an actual email I received:     "I have been scouring the Internet for some tasteful erotic photographs of women together.  I have completely struck out.   The only thing that I have been able to find are pornographic photographs that are intended to arouse men not women and sure as hell not me!   They are corny as hell and not realistic (ain't no women with nails that long going to touch me!!)"


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