What the Bible Really Says About Queers
Arm yourself with the facts about what scripture really says about lesbians and gays! Analysis of passages from Genesis, Leviticus, Deutoronomy, 1 Corinthians, Timothy, Romans ... and, what Jesus said about homosexuals!
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Genesis Leviticus
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Deutoronomy  a real stretch for those desperate bible-bashers
I Corinthians  another one that is way questionable
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What Jesus Christ said about Queers

The links are to the exact passages on the The Bible Gateway which offers various versions in seven languages.  

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Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot, Genesis

Genesis 19:4-11

God's messengers visited Lot and the townspeople wanted to know  the visitors ... the Hebrew verb to know occurs 943 times in the Old Testament, but refers to carnal knowledge only ten times.   Well, it is possible it refers to carnal knowledge, because Lot then offers his daughters sexually in an attempt to appease the townspeople.  The Lord was so displeased with the treatment of his servent Lot and his messengers, he destroyed the idol-worshipping Sodom and Gomorrah.

Whether the whole wanting to know them scene is referring to sex or just that the townspeople were curious about Lot's visitors is open to individual interpretation.   And, remember, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of their idol-worship, greed and general wickedness.   Not because of homosexuality.

What I find most curious about the whole Lot thing is, after God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot and his daughters set up housekeeping in a cave.  His daughters, fearing they would never marry, decided to seduce their own father!   Genesis 19:30-38   Isn't it interesting that Incest is more acceptable than being Queer?  What kind of a skewed interpretation of the bible is that???

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  • Leviticus
Levitcus 18:22,   Levitcus 20:13-14

The book of Leviticus was handed down to the children of Israel as a guideline during their exodus from slavery in Egypt.  This exodus supposedly took 40 years (40 years, 40 days, etc.  40 is a common number used in the books and is widely thought to mean a verrrrrrry long time ... but no one knows fer sure ... )

Some biblical scholars believe that Aramaic, the language of the ancient bible, did not contain an easy way to say "many things" and used a term which has come down to us as 40.   This means that when the bible in many places refers to "40 days", they meant many days.  this bit came to me from Nia

The exodus took the tribes of Israel over severe terrain and even across/through the Red Sea.  If you scan the book of Leviticus, you'll see references to what to eat or not, how food should be prepared because of the lack of long term storage:  ie, can't eat pork or shellfish because pork is loaded with bacteria and shellfish spoil rapidly; how to dress to protect yourself from the elements, etc.  

Along with these guidelines, (or laws as the original hebrew word for guidelines has been translated into modern texts,) were the laws regarding maintaining the progeny of the tribes.  A great deal is mentioned in the book of Leviticus about what a man can and cannot do with his seed.  And, with whom ... or what.  

The famous quote used to disparage gays and lesbians is from this section of Leviticus (chapter 18:22).   That quote is: It is abomination for man to lie with mankind as with womankind.  The preceding verse (18:19) prohibits sex during a woman's menses; a woman in menses cannot conceive.  There are also prohibitions about sex within bloodlines, i.e., a man with his daughter, a man with his aunt, etc.  We now know, through medica science, the abnormalities and health risks inbreeding can cause.

  • Leviticus, Abomination

It is important to note that the summarization of these chapters specifies the people of Israel shall not commit any of all these abominations Leviticus 18:26 which leads one to believe breaking any of the laws given is an abomination.

In Leviticus 22:10 through 21 the punishments are cited. 

Adultery DEATH
A man with his mother or step-mother DEATH
A man with his daughter-in-law DEATH "for they have commited perversion";
if a man has sex with both a woman and her daughter DEATH BY FIRE
if a person has sex with an animal BOTH the person and the animal must DIE

If you take the entire book of Leviticus, especially chapters 18 and 22, you can probably surmise that the guidelines are given to assure the continuation of the tribes.  The main focus of this chapter, IMHO, is the assurance that any emission of a man's seed is used for the purpose of creating a healthy new life, not for pleasure.

If you understand that the book of Leviticus was given the jews just to help them stay alive and maintain their numbers during the exodus, it makes sense.  As ususal though, preachers and priests always just pick and choose the verses they want to take out of context.  I wonder how many preachers start their sunday mornings with a bacon and egg breakfast, sometimes cooked by their wives during her period.  hmmmm ....

Remember, according to Leviticus, it is an abomination to eat pork, shrimp, be served your food by a woman in her menses, have sex with her during her period, wear clothes made of multiple blends of fabrics, etc.

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  • Other Abominations deserving death
  • 19:20 If you're a woman, engaged and the dowry's been paid, don't fool around with anyone else!
  • 20:23 Don't adopt the customs of another land!
  • 20:25 Don't eat that ham sandwich!  Or that shrimp!  And woe to those who enjoy grilled rattlesnake or aligator!
  • 20:27 Somebody call Dionne Warwick and tell her she and her Psychic Hotline buddies are sentenced to death!
  • 24:16 Blasphemers beware!
  • 24:17,21 A strong argument FOR the death penalty!
  • 27:29 Okay, this one is a bit tricky ... If someone donates something to God, and, in turn, that gift is sold, the gift must be put to death!
  • And, woe to y'all wearing your cotton/rayon blends!  Leviticus 19:19
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  • Deuteronomy
Deuteronomy 23:17-18
This passage is one admonition of many about the activities of temple prostitution.  Modern scholars disagree on whether the passage specifically means male-to-male protitution or male-to-female.

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  • I Corinthians
1 Corinthians 6:9
Depending on the version you prefer, this passage has been interpreted to mean either morally weak, cowardly men or male prostitutes.  Although there are several words which explicitly mean homosexual in the ancient Greek language, why would Paul choose one so ambiguous?

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  • I Timothy
1 Timothy 1:10
Well, if us queers are gonna go, so are you boyz that pay a prostitute!

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  • Romans
Romans 1:26-27
The new testament reference is from Paul who, it is now believed, suffered from internalized homophobia and self hate.

Paul states in his letter to the Romans, that women did change the natural use into that which is against nature and that those who lie with mankind as with womankind are dispised by the Lord.
Modern scholars believe these verses are more concerned with idolotry, prostitution, rape, and the archaic belief that women are inferior to men.

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  • Paul
OK, Paul was a conservative Jew and a stoic, believing in reason rather than natural impulse.   As a result, Paul is extremely sphincteristic in his handling of all carnal impulses!

His beliefs were shaped by his education and conditioning as a Palestinian Jew.  He was shocked and contemptuous of other cultures.  

Also, Paul's command of writing in ancient Greek is highly questionable.   In the original text of I Corinthians 6, Paul refers to malakoi, which in translations has been misinterpreted as homosexual.   The word literally means soft.  There were several words for homosexual in ancient Greek.   If Paul was referring to queers, why didn't he use the word arrenomanes or paidophthoro or one of the other words that specifically means homosexual?

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  • Using marriage as last resort, Don't get divorced

Paul dictates that (1 Corinthians 7:9) It is good for a man not to touch a woman and as a last resort, one should marry to avoid fornication and (1 Corinthians 7:11) if a woman divorces or seperates from her husband, she must remain celibate!

Uh, also remember Paul is the one who said women should be silent in church and subservient to men  yeah, right ...

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  • What Jesus Christ said about Queers
Jesus Christ said absolutely NOTHING about queers.

If you want to read an excellent book that details some of what I've told you, check out Bishop Spong's "RESCUING THE BIBLE FROM THE FUNDAMENTALISTS." It is thorough and written by a true bible scholar who is honest and non-judgemental.  It's also a relatively easy read and not too long!

Here is Dean Worbois' THE BIBLE and the HOMOSEXUAL, a very interesting read!

Steps To Recovery From Bible Abuse

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